Who We Are

JYOSNA was founded in 2011 as an IT services and consultancy company based in the Philippines. We specialize in automating business processes, web-based application development, and providing business and software development consultancy.

ATMOS, our seed project that gradually developed into a full-scale core microfinance system, was successfully implemented to over 850 branches of one foundation in 2015. Today, we provide our partners with the best solutions to operate and manage their business processes within a financial institution.


JYOSNA has always believed in empowering organizations that uses financial inclusion to cater to the needs of the poor people. We envision to be of help to create more opportunities to low-income families and pull them out of poverty. We are all for assisting you to have a wider reach in helping the community and building stronger relationships with people.

Ever since we have worked closely with one of the biggest Microfinance NGO in the country, we have decided to embark on our new journey of providing IT services and business consultancy to different institutions around the country. We have gone to places all over the Philippines just to be able to provide assistance to these organizations in order to help the people who matter to them. Our business interest comes second in our attempt to take part in the effort towards financial inclusion. In fact, we have shelled out almost 80% of our revenues in order to work with MF-NGOs and provide them with free business and system consultations.

Moving forward, we are continuously developing our service in a way that helps us create a positive impact in our partner organizations and hopefully in the whole microfinance industry as well.