JYOSNA is a software development company working closely with financial institutions delivering financial services to the unbanked. Our platform empowers these organizations towards financial inclusion and in so doing create more opportunities for low-income families to get out of poverty.

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Welcome to JYOSNA

JYOSNA was founded in 2011 as IT services and consultancy company based in Philippines. We specialize in automating business processes, web-based application development, and providing business and software development consultancy.

We started out as a software development company working on various projects with non-government organization in the financial industry. They operate with large number of human resources and manages significant piles of data in pen-and-paper.

Our initial project successfully consolidated reports and used analytics to identify discrepancies in the financial reports generated from over 100 branches of one foundation. This was the seed project that gradually developed into the full-scale core microfinance system, ATMOS.

Today, we provide our partners with the best solutions to operate and manage business processes across business functions within a financial institution.