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About Jyosna

Jyosna Inc. is an IT solutions company based in the Philippines. It primarily specializes in automating business processes; that includes the analysis and development of databases, and web-based applications. Aimed at providing clients the best solutions to manage, interpret, and get the most out of their data.


With vast quantity of information that needs proper management, institutions often face obstacles in storing, organizing, retrieving data for reporting, and decision making. Especially when human resources and time are limited. Our primary goal at Jyosna is to help you overcome these barriers.

With services such as data storage, mining, and analytics, Jyosna specializes in addressing the information management issues that can arise within several areas of management.

What Jyosna can do for you

We develop applications that are suited exactly to your needs and wants. With extensive and careful analysis of your business strategies, objectives, and future goals.

Our systems can help you cut costs, minimize storage spaces, lessen the time needed to perform tasks, and eliminate the risk of human errors completely.

Not to mention the advantage you will have over your competitors, with the help of our intelligent reporting modules. Where we take your business strategies into consideration and develop the most accurate and detailed reports. How you want to see them, whenever you want to see them.

Gain unique insights about your performance without having to spend hours and days of manual data analysis. With just the click of a button, decision making can be easier and faster than it ever was.

Scalability is another issue that we take very seriously. Our very own framework provides the most reliable means to deal with growth and institutional change.

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