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ATMOS is one of the trusted and proven cloud-based solutions in Southeast Asia, serving over millions of financing clients in over 2000 locations. Rediscover financing and community development with ATMOS—driving inclusion together.

JYOSNA Enterprise Management : Core Banking Software

One of the most used core microfinance solution in the Philippines

ATMOS has withstood the test of time, proving itself to be highly scalable and capable of handling high volumes of transactions in real-time. Used by some of the fastest-growing organizations, ATMOS continues the work of making positive change, touching the lives of millions of people day by day.

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Companion to Rewriting Your Future

JYOSNA Enterprise Management : ATMOS

Take more control of your operations while lessening actual work. With more efficient real-time report generation and ready compliance with regulations, you can focus more on areas of operations that are equally important to you.


JYOSNA Enterprise Management : ATMOS


Work anywhere like never before. Internet connection and a web browser are all you need to access ATMOS anywhere around the globe. It is convenient, scalable, and secure.

JYOSNA Enterprise Management : ATMOS

Compliance Ready

Stay abreast with regulations. ATMOS is regularly updated based on existing regulatory environment. It is well adapted to current industry standards in banking and finance.

JYOSNA Enterprise Management : ATMOS


Pay as you grow. Only pay the amount of resources you actually use with no overhead cost. Smaller institutions have to defray lesser cost and go up as they grow.

JYOSNA Enterprise Management : ATMOS

Manage Clients

Profile, enlist, and provide suitable financial service to clients based on their demographic. ATMOS stores client history and evaluate past performance that can help you properly address them.

JYOSNA Enterprise Management : ATMOS

Create Products

Design and test financial products as you deem necessary. Only properly approved and deployed products are available in your branches.

JYOSNA Enterprise Management : ATMOS

Real-time Reports

Generate real-time reports and business analytics. You can generate reports and analytics as needed. They are customizable based on your needs.

JYOSNA Enterprise Management : ATMOS

Monitor Transaction

Reduce fraud by managing and monitoring all in-branch and cross-branch transactions. All system transactions are logged and available for review and evaluation.

JYOSNA Enterprise Management : ATMOS

ATMOS Mobile App

Bring your operation closer to your clients. ATMOS Teller App is designed to help users facilitate onsite client enrollment, collection, and other day-to-day operations. It can be used offline for areas where connectivity is an issue.

JYOSNA Enterprise Management : ATMOS

Scale up with API

Innovate with up-to-date trends and technologies. ATMOS has API capability. It can be integrated with other useful fintech applications that can further advance your operations.

Be part of our growing community.
Drive inclusion and rural development.

JYOSNA supports all effort to drive financial inclusion. Our solutions are developed with this goal in mind. The more our community grows, the closer we are in changing the world for the better.

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Stories that Changed Lives are Worth Sharing

We are a long way from changing the world, but some stories inspire us to continue.
See how we have touched more people and worked with institutions to better people's lives.

“ATMOS has allowed us to leave the worries of the office and be with our clients more, especially in times of calamities. ”

President & CEO | ASA Philippines Foundation

How ATMOS helped the largest MFI in the Philippines as an early adopter of a cloud-based core banking system


ATMOS was introduced to the operations of ASA Philippines Foundation in early 2015. The system helped ASA interconnect over 750 service points nationwide and diversify its loan portfolio. With a strong institutional vision and robust solutions in place, ASA has grown exponentially in size and reach since then. In 2021, ASA has 1800 service points, empowering close to 2 Million entrepreneurial women with over 15 financial products.

IN 2016

57% increase

in loan portfolio

IN 2017

52% increase

in loan portfolio


What Clients are Saying

“We can now generate and publish our financial statements within 4 to 5 days of each month-end. This is comparable with publicly listed companies in the country.”
“With the convenience and accuracy of ATMOS, I can worry less about operation and performance. I can see our operations from the top down, to the subscriptions and transactions of each of our clients in real-time.”

Kamrul TarafderPresident & CEO | ASA Philippines Foundation

Kamrul H. Tarafder
Paul Arjona
"ATMOS helped us make more sense of our operations. Before, it was difficult to verify the accuracy of our reports. We are limited by our legacy system. With ATMOS, we can understand our standing in real-time and make more informed management decisions. It is a relief that we have good IT partners and solutions to brave digitalization."

Paul ArjonaOperations Manager | UMFI

Neil Bayona
"ATMOS made it easier to access information of our members, especially loan balances and assets. We can instantly comply with government regulations, update and monitor the balances of our members, and conduct our daily transactions with more ease."

Neil NayonaGeneral Manager | APECC

Nirisa Imperial
"When we started using ATMOS, it made our transactions easier to monitor. Furthermore, the system has real-time updates. It also has an automated tracking report that logs who and what changes are made in the system, making it easier to check for consistency and discrepancy. It has done an excellent job of monitoring our company’s sales daily."

Nirisa ImperialOfficer In Charge | BD Business Corporation

"ATMOS It's a Big help especially for us, our Cooperatives we have a huge number of clients. And in payroll it's very useful for the staff to update them"

Theresa AntonioOfficer In Charge | APECC


As a fintech company, we aim to drive financial inclusion by developing a management system designed for financing institutions. Our solutions made it possible for our partners to do more towards this cause.

We have reached some of the most far-flung areas, automating daily operations, providing internet connection, and linking thousands of branches in real-time.

ATMOS SatelliteWith robust solutions in place, our partners can now provide better care for their clients and employees. They can be with them in difficult times, organize more holistic programs, and inch closer to the visions they set out for themselves.

As our community grows, we will continue to serve, knowing that we are helping make the world a better place.





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