ATMOS: Advanced Technologies for Microfinance Operations and Services

ATMOS is a business-process oriented application that replicates your operation in a virtual environment.

The system can perform vast array of operation-related tasks such as:

  • Client Life Cycle Management
  • In-Branch and Cross-Branch Transactions
  • HR Management
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reports
  • Internal Communication
  • Loans, Savings, and Insurance
  • Other financing products and services

It has API Capability that could readily be integrated with your current system. This technology makes your service more comprehensive and up-to-date with the current trends in financial technology.

Here's a glimpse of the future

AI-Based Systems:

Core Sense

Deep Core

Mobile Technologies

Using the internet in money-related transactions is now emerging ever since the high penetration of smartphones usage transpired; hence, the need for advanced mobile technology in managing and delivering financial services.

ATMOS Mobile Teller App

ATMOS Mobile Teller App is an application designed for Office Staff and Account Officers to manage their daily, weekly, and monthly transactions. The App enables Account Officers to encode transactions, monitor their progress, and organize their workday.


E-Passbook is mobile platform where clients and members can check details about their account (i.e. loans, savings, and insurance policies). They will be notified of updates, due dates, center meetings, and their logs and history.

What We Offer

As an IT solutions and consultancy company, JYOSNA offers wide-range software and hardware solutions to bring ease into doing financial services. Our team of experts also provides consultancy to institutions eying to automate their business process or adapt to innovative technologies.


ATMOS is a core banking system engineered primarily for microfinance. ATMOS is highly scalable and dynamic that it can accommodate the operations of other financial institutions like Rural Banks, Cooperatives, and others.

HRIS & Payroll

JYOSNA HRIS and Payroll enables you to manage your workforce and perform various HR functions such as storing employee data, handling recruitment process, managing payrolls, assigning and moving people across branches and locations, and administering benefits.

JYOSNA Accounting

JYOSNA Accounting is a basic accounting system that collects, stores and processes financial and accounting data in order to create Financial Statements and other reports.

Core Sense

Core Sense is an AI-powered performance management system that drives your organization closer to your goals. Using data science and analytics, Core Sense organizes and sets level of priorities to your tasks that align best with your organizational objectives. Core Sense can be used whether it is in growing your portfolio, increasing market penetration, doubling your membership, and others.

Deep Core

Deep Core is a credit scoring system that uses artificial intelligence in order to project credit scores. It evaluates the credit worthiness of clients based on certain demographic criteria using data analytics. The more you use the system, the more accurate its predictions will get; until it achieves 99.9% success rate in its predictions.

Internet Satellite Service

JYOSNA, in partnership with a reputable internet satellite service provider, offers reliable broadband internet service which brings your operations online, anywhere in the country. Plans range from 1mbps to 7mbps, with data volume allocation between 12GB to 60GB. Bringing your operations online, anywhere in the country. Also available is the Community Wi-Fi Solutions in which we can power your service points with Wireless Internet Access Service (WISP) to provide surrounding community with prepaid internet access valuable for micro-business transactions, education, and others.

Network & Communication Solutions

We can get you the following network and communication hardware from the leading manufacturer of IP voice and video communications equipment, video surveillance, gateways and analog telephone adapters (ATAs), and Asterisk-based IP-PBX appliances.

Business Process Consultancy

With years of experience in automating business processes, our team of professionals have developed a knack to evaluate business processes. Our team identifies bottlenecks in the operation and develop a program to address them using system solutions and/or company policy changes. As consultants, our goal is to simplify and bring ease in running and managing large scale operations.

Software Development Consultancy

Many institutions in the financial industry are attempting to internally develop management information systems to run their operations. The trend towards digital transformation is a welcome development in any industry. We would like to share our experience and expertise in this regard by providing consultancy to those aiming to develop their very own system. The best way to ensure its success is by not doing it alone. We offer collaborative programs to support financial organizations treading along this path.

Our Clients

ASA Philippines Foundation, Inc. had a fully manual paper-based system before implementing ATMOS. JYOSNA deployed ATMOS for ASA in 2016 and brought all 850 branches online. Now, ATMOS is serving more than 1600 ASA Branches and has over 9000 active users nationwide.

JYOSNA joined the mission for financial inclusion in late 2018 and introduced ATMOS as a fully managed service to the Philippine Microfinance Industry. Since then, several MF-NGOs have come forward and are now piloting ATMOS for their operations.